Consulting (ARIS) at a Manufacturing (Automotive) company in Mexico.


The client was poised to open a manufacturing plant in Mexico, and needed a thorough mapping of all the processes used in their plants in Germany so that the complete process architecture could be replicated in the new plant.

The new plant needed to comply not only with the company’s quality standards, but it also needed to obtain a quality certification (ISO 9001/2015) for the project to be considered successful by the client.


In the first stage BeeckerCo undertook the mapping of all processes, working off-site with complete availability despite time zone differences.

BeeckerCo carried out process analysis on all the information provided previous to mapping so that errors or omissions would not be reflected on the maps.

An in-house quality assurance team revised all mapped processes, delivering the final version to the client. In the second stage, BeeckerCo personnel went on-site to make the necessary adjustments in order to comply with ISO requirements.


The new plant started operations using the complete process architecture mapped by BeeckerCo using the latest version of ARIS Connect.

Later, after the BeeckerCo team had worked on the processes at the plant, the plant became ISO 9001/2015 certified. This saved the client costs, as it enabled the plant to operate at higher capacity while maintaining the quality standards.