Rules Automation and Business Automation (IBM-BPM, IBM-ODM) at a Bank in Mexico.


The client had a credit origination process that performed slowly due in part to the system they were using, which had limited connectivity to other systems, forcing the user to manually switch between external systems, but mostly due to the complexity of the process resulting from multiple and undetermined process paths.

Traditional BPM workflow had already been tried by the client, and it did not perform optimally in this context. 

It was requested that a solution that had not been tried before be attempted to improve speed and efficiency.


BeeckerCo applied BeBOP, its credit origination tool based on IBM BPM, adapted to the complexity and unpredictability of the process by using a combination of IBM BPM and IBM ODM tools to create a process flow which is directed by a State Machine, while a state chart developed on ODM decides the following activity in the process.

By editing this chart, transitions between existing activities can be modified or added by the user. All functionalities were implemented in a single system.


The solution provides a 75% reduction in implementation time for the credit origination process thanks to the single-system implementation that makes information readily available across the board and the State Machine directing the process.

The editing feature of the tool also makes regulation compliant exceptions to be applied without disruptions to the process.