Business Automation and Robotic Process Automation (IBM-BPM, Automation Anywhere) at a Bank in Mexico


The client was using IBM Business Process Manager to overhaul its processes. 

The input time for the information available on spreadsheets onto BPM screens made escalation of this project very difficult due to the resulting accumulation of employees’ time to input the information and further revise that each field was completed correctly.


BeeckerCo used Automation Anywhere to create a robot that extracts information from a spreadsheet and completes the required fields on a BPM screen. The robot completes one and moves on to the next one. 

It does this unsupervised, and generates a log that can be revised by an administrator stating whether the information was uploaded correctly or if the required fields are not found, limiting human intervention to exceptions.


With the robot running, the client can overhaul their processes on BPM massively throughout the company without loss of productive time and without human error, needing only intervention in cases of missing information.

The robot reduces the completion time of each screen from fifteen minutes to two minutes and, as it works unsupervised, no human time is used for the input of