Consulting (BlueWorks Live) at a Financial services company in the United States and Mexico.


HispanoCard, operating under American standards of service, needed to become certified as a banking institution in Mexico in compliance with Mexican National Banking and Securities Commission requirements in order to offer their card services locally. 

Their processes were to be audited by this Commission and therefore needed to be mapped and documented to conform to strict regulations.


BeeckerCo personnel assigned on-site were bilingual, experienced in banking and experts at process analysis. The on-site team was supported by BeeckerCo’s CMMI2-certified Process Factory. They worked on three fronts:

  • Thorough examination of the regulations concerned, in order to form a picture of how the company needed to operate in order to comply.

  • Analysis and mapping of existing processes using BPMN 2.0 tools.

  • Creation of a to-be scenario using those tools, the map detailing every single change in the company structure that needed to be implemented in order to comply with regulations.


The customer has successfully started the certification process with the Mexican National Banking and Securities Commission and is waiting for the approval to offer their card services in Mexico in full compliance. This was done using the map provided by BeeckerCo, an integral map of a process structure fully compliant with the required regulations.

This map was created through a thorough understanding of how the client operates, gained by intensive interaction with all Areas involved at HispanoCard.