Robotic process automation (UiPath) in a bank in Mexico.


The client needed to improve efficiency locally. However, as a new operating model was to be implemented globally within twelve to twenty-four months:

  • This improvement would have to be done without changing the local business process as it is.

  • You would have to have a quick and significant return on investment.

  • It would have to run without the waiting times and interruptions that an improvement of this magnitude usually entails , considering that there were more than a hundred processes that were not yet properly identified or documented.


Responding to the urgency of the request, in less than a week BeeckerCo had selected a highly trained RPA team and put in place an ambitious plan that would:

  • Analyze the processes involved and document them using the company's available material , with a minimum of participation from the client's staff, in order not to interrupt daily operations.

  • Identify where in processes repetitive work and human error could be minimized or completely eliminated by introducing tailored RPA.

  • Launch those robots in four sprints that
    implement five new robots every two weeks.


A total of twenty robots were implanted in a period of just eight weeks.

Local robotic processes are working efficiently with robotic processes

The client will be able to perceive a significant short-term return on investment that can be shown from global headquarters to headquarters before the implementation of the new global operating model.