Robotic process automation (Automation Anywhere) for tax administration.


The client needed to improve processes in an environment where internal processes were slow to be able to comply with the strict regulations governing the entire system.

It was also necessary that the improvements were visible in the short term, so that the sponsor could justify the investment in the project. This was difficult due to the long duration of most of the processes involved


BeeckerCo analyzed all the processes involved in order to find a place where not only improvements could be made, but also where they were more visible.

After extensive analysis, BeeckerCo used Automation Anywhere to introduce robotic automation into a weekly customs report that was always delayed due to the time it took to extract and process information from the system.


After introducing the robot, this weekly report became a daily report.

The robot automatically extracts and processes information during downtime, so that when employees arrive at the office the information is available and organized as needed, without using human time.

This upgrade was compliant and highly visible.