Robotic process automation (UiPath) in a transport (Shipping) company in Mexico.


The client prepares monthly reports on the overall performance of the company. These reports are based on the information shared by each area of the company. Information transfer was slow and cumbersome due to the large volume of information that had to be downloaded from the company's platform. Individual file downloads took hours.

Additionally, the information had to be copied from spreadsheet to spreadsheet by hand, creating a bottleneck in the process.


Customers needed information transfer to be faster.


BeeckerCo created a robot that improved the information exchange process on two fronts:

  • Created a download queue that allowed you to download files automatically.

  • Automated copying of information from spreadsheet to spreadsheet.

Furthermore, the files are recovered and uploaded after their treatment automatically.

This robot is completely cloud-based and requires a minimum of human intervention, making the information available in the format required by the client for the preparation of their monthly report.


After implanting the robot, the customer has reduced the time and personnel required to collect information.

  • The automated queue no longer requires staff to monitor downloads.

  • Information copying requires no human intervention and the time required for the task has been reduced to one minute for every hour it used to take.

The customer can now produce the monthly reports with information that can even allow the reports to be produced weekly.