Rules Automation and Business Automation (IBM-BPM, IBM-ODM) at a Manufacturing (Food Industry) company in Mexico.


The client had purchased IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) and Operational Decision Management (ODM) licenses from a previous supplier. Due to incomplete advice on the part of this supplier, the tools had not been properly implemented. This meant that the tools were not optimizing processes the way they were supposed to. 

Moreover, a faulty installation of the tools suite created problems in the system that resulted in slower processes and problems that had not been present before the implementation. The client was under the impression that they would have to purchase additional licenses in order to reach their goals and see an improvement.


BeeckerCo advised the client in order to exploit the full potential of the tools already acquired without purchasing additional licenses:

  • Working with the client, the installation was updated and errors corrected, allowing for the migration of processes using already aquired tools in their latest version, all integrated into one system.

  • BeeckerCo consulted with the client both remotely (with full availability) and on-site to build their process architecture on BPM making full use of the tools.

  • Training courses were given to client personnel on the capabilities of ODM, so that they could make use of the tools that were at their disposal thanks to the investment in licenses that had already been made.


IBM BPM and IBM ODM tools are now running smoothly. The client is making use of the tools as they were meant to be used, with the resulting increase in productivity resulting from the integration of all process into a single efficient architecture.

Not only was further investment in licenses not necessary, but there was a tangible perceived return on the investment that had already been made.