Robotic Process Automation (UiPath) at an Insurance company in Mexico.


Our client operates in Mexico. A large number of total loss car insurance claims documents arriving from branch offices to the main office were reported to contain errors, and needed to be sent back for revision. The process of corroborating documentation by hand, finding errors and sending the documents back to branch offices was time-consuming, resulting in delayed response times. 

The client needed for the main office to only receive documents already validated, and the documents containing errors to be filtered so that branch offices could quickly correct and re-send them.


Interacts with systems such as SAP and Mainframe (AS/400 Cobol), extracting the information uploaded by the branch offices and corroborating all documentation as per client’s guidelines. 

The robot confirms the validity of invoices, correlates the dates in which they were issued and verifies that car registration documents (the format of which vary from state to state) contain the same information as the policy documents.


Once the robot was implemented, the time for validation of documents was reduced from 72 hours to 2 minutes. 

If all documents register as valid, they are sent automatically to the main If office they do not, the inconsistencies are registered in a spreadsheet that the branch office receives in order to make the adjustments necessary or dismiss the claim if fraud is detected.